Our mission is provide self defense and safety instruction for women.  Learn how to safeguard yourselves against crime and assault, and enjoy long, fulfilled, and healthy lives.

Key Concepts and Benefits

  • Build Safety Skills and Awareness
  • Basic Techniques and Combinations
  • Exploit Vulnerable Striking Targets
  • Practice for Empowerment
  • Highly Experienced Instructors
  • Fun and Challenging Workout
  • Enjoy a more Confident and Positive Outlook

Our Vision and Our Mission:

WOMEN MAKE SOME NOISE: Take Charge of your Life and Defend Yourself!

We have a moral imperative to spread this message to all: the importance of Awareness, Safety and Self Protection.


We want to share our knowledge and training with others, so they may experience life in a more positive and fulfilling way.


We want to teach in our local communities, but we also want to share our message world wide, wherever needed.


WMSN Classes

Self Defense and Safety Instruction for Women

Come and learn the skills to defend yourself in a variety of situations. Our methods may be practiced by all ages and body types. Good safety planning and concepts (called Safety Tips) are introduced to underline the importance of personal safety practices. Students learn how to disrupt common methods of assault, to avoid injury and escape.

WMSN Program Titles

  • Beat up the Holiday Blues
  • New Years Resolutions: Take Control
  • My Purse, My Friend, My Weapon?
  • Don't Grab Me!
  • The Element of Surprise
  • Sit This One OUT!
  • Avoid Being A Tourist Victim
  • Independence is Yours
  • The Cutting Edge: A knife seminar
  • The Kubotan Gets to the Point
  • How Strong are you? The power test
  • From the Ground Up

If you'd like to participate in one of these sessions, as an indvidual or group, please use the form on this page. Thank you!


  1. Mentally prepare yourself.
  2. Have a plan.
  3. Follow your intuition.
  4. Be Aware of your surroundings.
  5. Don't look like a victim.
  6. Be car smart.
  7. Recognize dangerous situations.
  8. Know your strengths.
  9. Know his weaknesses.
  10. Know You have the right to ‘FIGHT’.

WMSN Programs for Companies

Custom Self Defense Programs

Employees are inspired by enrichment programs with variety. Self Defense training is a desirable and practical activity to offer. In addition to improving safety for oneself and others, self defense training also means self improvement and personal growth in areas favorable to the workplace.

Get Involved

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Physical Defense Skills
What to do if you've been attacked

WMSN Founder and Instructor
Master Regina Pinpin

"Master Pinpin is an amazing instructor with a wealth of knowledge for all ages.

- Marilyn A

Women Make Some Noise Woman's Self Defense Class

WMSN Testimonials

“Master Pinpin is an amazing instructor with a wealth of knowledge for all ages. She was able to help empower our group of moms to feel more equipped in self defense, while giving our young ones some relevant tips on how to respond in a threatening situation. As little as one session provided great defensive tools. Six or more, even better... We got a great workout, and had loads of laughs too! Why be stuck, frozen, not knowing what to do, when you can load your tool belt with defensive moves that can save your life?“

Marilyn Alden

"We learn principles and techniques that we can use in everyday life - whether we are being attacked physically or mentally (in a work atmosphere ) to think and respond, with action, in a focused, controlled, powerful way. It’s fun to attendclass with my daughter, Sala.”

Krystal Romero

“ Women Make Some NOISE, As a Mom and Attorney it is refreshing to find one class that offers the feeling of strength, street smarts, stress relief, and camaraderie all in one.”

Mirissa Murray

“During class I get a chance to release my stress and convert it into something positive and beneficial, learning to protect myself .”

Heidi Kennedy

“Master Pinpin’s class made me realize that there are multiple ways to defend yourself. Women are easier targets than men . It makes a difference.. Give it a try!"

Arlene Hsu

“Through the women Self Defense classes, I have learned to be more aware of my surroundings and I've learned to be prepared in physically confrontational situations “

Connie Schenaroff

"I have taken self-defense classes for the past several years and it has been a wonderful experience. I typically train 1 to 2 times a week, which has enhanced my stamina and agility. The workouts are challenging and push me past my comfort zone, but the reward is a healthier and fit body. Mentally, the training has instilled in me more confidence knowing that I have the tools to protect myself if need be. It has also taught me to be more mindful of my surrounding. I am not a victim!!!”

Michelle Baker


“Before attending the self defense classes, I had absolutely no experience and was a bit intimidated. Master Pinpin and the staff were quick to make me feel comfortable and modified moves to my abilities. Even at times where I felt lost or confused, she was more than happy to break it down so I understand the moves better. The best part is that I have much more confidence to defend myself, if I had to. This class helps you become more prepared, not to mention a killer workout. Thanks!"


Mandi Klein


"Learning Karate increased my self-esteem, confidence, leadership skills, and - I am no longer that shy quiet kid - all because of martial arts. I think martial arts are a great skill to learn because it is so practical and you only need the basics to save lives."


Carmen Chiem


  • 1. Bring to the attention to all women the importance of safety and self defense
  • 2. Create an awareness of self and their environment
  • 3. Ignite an empowerment within 
  • 4. Help women become stronger physically, mentally, and spiritually
  • 5. Reach a population worldwide
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