Overview of Programs and Special Events

Training Programs:

Martial Arts

The martial arts style taught at United Studios of Self Defense is based on Shaolin Kempo. It has many traces of kung fu, karate, boxing, aikido, judo, and jiu-jitsu but is uniquely different from all of them. It utilizes a balance of both hands and feet, and is known for effective street self-defense techniques.

We offer programs for Adults, Kids and Preschool age children. Every student receives individual and group instruction.

Adults Kids(ages 6-12) Preschool Kids(ages 3 and up)

Martial Arts Weapons

Shaolin Kempo traces back to China and we teach traditional Chinese Broadsword forms (single and double sword), Kung Fu Sword Forms, Bo Staff, Sai, Spear, and Nunchucks. We also offer Eskrima stick and knife fighting techniques. Benefits include coordination, conditioning, respect and self-defense.

Contact your instructor for details.

Northern California Martial Arts Tournament

Twice a year, fifteen bay area USSD locations compete in forms, weapons and sparring.

Nov 4 Nor Cal Tournament Tentative Date. The school will keep everyone up to date.

Women's Self Defense

'Women Make Some Noise: Take Charge and Defense Yourself!' is specifically for Women, and includes safety practices, verbal techniques, improvised weapons, techniques for effective strikes, self defense combinations, and abduction prevention.

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A one session introduction to self-defense for kids. Stranger Awareness, Self Defense Basics, and Abduction Prevention.

Contact us for availability and schedule.

Kids vs Parents

Fun Family work out.

Dojo Birthday Party

Two Hour party including Martial Arts workout and Games, Food, Cake, Favor Bags, and Decorations.

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Parent's Night Out

Three Hour Dojo workout, games, raffle and demonstration.

Movie Night

Kids enjoy karate fun and games, food and refreshments, and choice of movie shown on the big screen.


We offer a free private lesson with a certified Back Belt Instructor. There's no obligation. We answer any questions and allow you to see our methods for yourself.

Free Class
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